Are you a DETERMINED-MINDED LEADER with experience in leading competitive-level sports programs? 

Discover the best in yourself: Volunteer with Pride Soccer Club

Become a part of an exciting and active volunteer community, that spans from Shelby County, TN to Lauderdale County, TN, with Pride Soccer Club.


Volunteers are the backbone of Pride Soccer Club. We think community involvement is important to helping us stay on track and continue to grow. We are a volunteer-powered soccer club that fosters the game of soccer at a competitive level. Pride Soccer Club is so blessed by the service of volunteers, who help ensure that our program runs smoothly and soundly. We are inspired and encouraged everyday by the efforts of our volunteers. Know that you are making an incredible impact on not just our organization, but on the players that you are serving. Volunteering aids all aspects as you are serving as valuable role models and helping players develop into total athletes. 

Thank you for considering donating your time to benefit our program and the athletes we serve.  We are currently recruiting ambitious, determined, passionate, persistent, decisive, courageous, and fearless…

· Coaches

· Assistant Coaches

· Team Managers.

What are my NEXT STEPS?


Let us know if you want to get involved and impact young athletes mentally, athletically, and socially.

Requirements are as follows:

· Background check (free of charge)

· Must be at least 21

· Must be able to attend all training sessions, games, and out of town tournaments.

· Appropriate USSF (or NSCAA equivalent) licensure for age group (Pride Soccer Club will absorb this cost, as a reimbursement, for new coaches)

Invest in our children

Inspire leaders!!

Plant the seed today

See the impact tomorrow!!


Contact US!!