Players train at least 4 times each week with days and times varying from season to season.  Sessions consist of physical conditioning, technical training, and tactical application.  Separate goalkeeping sessions are offered each week.  Players are trained based on current ability and age appropriate concepts.  Each player will be pushed to improve and expected to stay focused throughout each session.  Training is included with your club membership fees.  Our coaches are volunteers... they receive no payment for their time or travel as part of the clubs commitment to the needs of this community.

Match Play / League

Most teams will participate in the MSSF (Memphis Shelby Soccer Federation) ”League Play” at Mike Rose Soccer Complex in Collierville, TN each season. This consists of one match per week against teams of similar age and ability. There are no statistics or standings kept in this league as it is simply for teaching, improving, and gaining experience. Fees and schedules for this league are set by MSSF and are non-negotiable.  MSSF Fees are included in Pride Fees. Players are expected to arrive on time (30 minutes prior to league game time) with all of their gear to every match. 

Other teams will be considered “Travel” teams. These teams will only participate in “tournament” type play. There are a lot of different tournaments some would be considered 3v3, 5v5, or full field (7v7, 9v9, or 11v11 - depending on the age group). Travel is normally one time per month, we try and plan for no further than a 4 hour drive one way. See fees for further information. 


Each of the “League Play” teams will participate in at least two full-sided tournaments per season. Each tournament lasts an entire weekend and may require overnight accommodations. Families are responsible for their personal expenses as well as transportation. 

Individual players may also participate optional small sided 3v3 tournaments. These are typically one day tournaments that are meant to improve footwork and decision making in a fast paced game. The fees for these tournaments are in addition to any fee paid to Pride Soccer Club as they are optional and the players love them. 


We are excited for the opportunity to work with you on some awesome fundraisers.  We have two different types of fundraisers.

1. The money  generated through this kind of fundraiser drive will go to support programs for your players.  All earnings will go towards Pride Soccer Club future.

2. The money generated through this kind of fundraiser drive will go directly to player account to help subsidize cost.

Each fundraiser will be notated as to which type.

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Business Sponsorships

 Pride Soccer Club loves our Sponsors!!

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At this time, Pride Soccer Club accepts Paypal, cash and checks for payments.

Paypal: Can be paid online under COMPETITIVE, then PAY FEES.

PayPal: Alternative can be paid in person using your debit or credit card see Tammy Cotton.

Cash: Please put in a sealed envelope with player name and team.

Checks: Please make payable to Pride Soccer Club.  In the "for" section of the check please write players name and team.

All payments can be given to your Team Manager or given directly to Misty McClelland or Jenny Evans the clubs CFO's, except for PayPal see Tammy Cotton.