West Tennessee Soccer Club FAQ's

Additional Information

West Tennessee Soccer Club focuses on educating and stimulating the minds of young players. Our drive allows us to instill the confidence, sportsmanship, and consistency needed to get out and be a leader for life!

1. What type of Soccer programs are offered by West Tennessee Soccer Club?

· Travel Team –  U9, U10, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 Competitive Boys and Girls wanting and seeking an additional challenge with a desire to take their game to the next level (season to season program, determined by the needs, skill level and number of available players).

2. What do players need to bring to all Practices, Skill Sessions and Games?

· Kids should bring the following to ALL training sessions and games.

· Appropriate size Soccer Ball

· Water

· Wear shin guards UNDER their socks

· All uniform gear to games and tournaments

· Correct full dress out for trainings and games

 3. What size Soccer ball does my child need?

· U9 to U12: Size 4

· U13-and above: Size 5

· Be sure to have your name and phone number on all gear

4. How many practices does our team get each week?

We strive for 3 to 4 training sessions, including games, per week.  Days and times are determined by the coaching staff.

Training Session covers skills, strength & agility weekly during the Fall and Spring Season, PLUS Goalkeeping Training Sessions weekly during the Fall and Spring Season.

 5. Where are the soccer parks located in Tipton County?

· Valentine Park

1020 Beaver Road

Munford, TN 38058

· Centennial Park

148 Reeder Road

Munford, TN 38058

Field #5

- Walker Park

1197 Walker Parkway

Atoka, TN  38004

6. Where can West Tennessee Soccer Club be found on the internet?   

· www.WTNSC.com

7. Where can we go regarding weather updates to know if training or games are on or off?

· Facebook: @WTNSC

Includes field and weather updates

 8. What does the ‘U’ in U10 mean?

· It means 'under' 10.  For example, U10 means under 10.  Everyone playing in that age group is the age 9 or younger.

 9. What is the Lightning 30-minute Clock?

· Personnel should not return to the practice or game area until thirty (30) minutes have passed since the last lightning flash.

· Each time lightning is observed and / or thunder is heard, the ’30-minute clock’ is to be reset.

· Blue skies in the local area and / or a lack of rainfall are not adequate reasons to breach the 30-minute return-to-play rule.  Lightning can strike up to ten (10) miles away from the rain shaft of a storm.

· Your field staff and / or supervisor will make the calls on the weather for all games.

· All Coaches will need to follow the first 3 bullets above for practices.

· Visit the WEATHER tab on www.WTNSC.com for more details.


10. I’m interested in becoming a Volunteer Coach, what is the process?

· Contact Mike Jines at All4Indy76yahoo.com.

11. Can our team have more than one Coach?

· Yes, in fact, we recommend having more than one coach.  Each of our teams is encouraged to have a minimum of three Volunteers - Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager (or two Co-coaches and Team Manager).  If not a ‘Head’ Coach, then two Assistant Coaches is acceptable as well.

· Also, only players and coaches are to sit together during games.  Parents are to sit on the opposite side of the field (where possible).

12. What are the responsibilities of the volunteer at West Tennessee Soccer Club?

· HEAD COACH - plans and runs practices, determines lineups, sets practice dates and times, etc.

· ASSISTANT COACH - assumes the head coaching duties if the Head Coach is unable to make the practice or game.  Primarily, the Assistant Coach is to be the ‘bench’ coach during games to ensure the kids are ready to enter the game.

· TEAM MANAGER—organizes ‘off the field’ activities, sets up and helps to facilitate the communication of cancellations, field changes, etc.

 13.What color jerseys are worn by the home and away teams?

· The ‘Home’ team wears orange jersey,  blue shorts and graphite socks.

· The ‘Away’ team wears will wear either the blue with orange trainer or the graphite with blue trainer, along with graphite shorts and socks.

· Players should always bring game jerseys and both trainers (blue and graphite trainers to all events.

14. Why does our league NOT post standings?

· At the younger ages, there are no statistics or standings kept in this league as it is simply for teaching, improving, and gaining experience. We place a priority on participation and individual player development, NOT the results of the games.  The emphasis should be on having FUN learning, especially at the early ages of your son or daughter’s soccer career.

As we compete in tournaments standing are kept on each age group determined by the outcome of the game.

15. How do I register my child to participate WTNSC?

· Registration for all programs is done through the RESOURCE tab online at www.WTNSC.com.

· Print out the forms you need, fill them out, and bring them with a copy of the players Birth Certificate and the front and back sides of the players medical insurance card to your evaluation. It’s that easy.

16. Are there any other Volunteer opportunities within the WTNSC 


· WTNSC  Ambassador’s —liaison between Pride Soccer Club and your local School or Church

o Help to deliver flyers and announcements to your organization.

o Help to post signs at local parks and businesses.

o Aid in getting messages out to PTA and church bulletin.

o See the website, as many other opportunities will exist during the season.

17. Are uniform kits included in the fees at WTNSC?

· As a new player, yes, they are included. You will receive…

  •  Orange Jersey with Blue Shorts
  •  Blue Trainer
  •  Graphite Trainer
  • 2 x  Socks
  • Soccer Bag

· As a returning player, anything that needs to be updated or replaced will result in an additional fee.